les aventures avec sasha

i forgot to post about this earlier. it's raining today and i'm waiting for laundry, so here's what went down on the weekend!

on friday, sasha visited on his way back to canada from croatia... and brought a whole bag of chocolate with him.

(i didn't eat it all in two days. really, i didn't...)

we went to the louvre...

(a bathtub? that's what you think.)

and the rest, none of us remember in detail. stories were exchanged, bewilderment was felt, wine was consumed...
and i think it's safe to say i learned some things about life. and its tangiability.
i took from these conversations a lot of inspiration and consequently a lot of thought about my personal values. it only seemed to be fate that sasha arrived before my birthday, because it felt that as i realized that another year had gone past, i suddenly had some more important things to think about (for lack of better wording... i'm tired).
i may have had what some call... drum roll please... an epiphany!