i am absolutely in love
with these photos by julie pike
had to share them
with you.


getting in the spirit...

the christmas lights
on the champs-élysées
were on this evening.
when davey and i saw them
as we approached the street
we ran!
we've been waiting
since the beginning
of november...

earlier today, i did some
christmas shopping
at the vintage markets

(and collected the first few items for
my shop! i'm very excited.)

tonight i am going to watch my favorite christmas movie
and dream about cute things like these, and this.
oh and this!


simple sundays.

sundays here are very quiet.
quiet is what i need.



rainy days in paris.

it's been pretty rainy in paris
for the past little while.
everyone seems to be gearing up to face the weather
(that, i must say, is nothing like canadian winters- thank goodness).

but i have to say,
i've never seen anyone do this back home...
(i guess it's because
fridges here are pretty small.)
my across-the-way neighbours
must have run out of space
in their minifridge...

so, in preparation for the cold to come,
we wait with wine in mugs and flannel sweaters,
staring up at the hanging lights on the champs-elysées...
eagerly awaiting them lighting up
and giving some validation and warmth
to the chilly air.
the holidays are coming....!

(aren't they cute?)

in other news, i saw the presets at the showcase last night.
it was a great show
and i am officially addicted to
the accessability to music
in paris
next week: the faint, uffie, and santogold!

you should come too.



people i love (photos by simone)

i miss these people so much. time passes quickly and slowly at the same time here, and sometimes i forget how much i crazy love these guys!
autumn in canada is also my favorite season. it just isn't the same over here without the pumpkins patches, red leaves and hay rides.

photographs by my PIC simonefz.