i can't stop loving laura letinsky's work... but this photograph takes the cake. i have it on a postcard on my wall, it greets me in the morning. reminds me to eat more tomatoes.
(if you're in germany, she is exhibiting with claus goedicke & evelyn hofer at galerie m bochum through oct 23 2010.)


from the cottage inspiration folder...
i wish i knew where i'd found these.
the cottage is coming along nicely. i keep having dreams of it, furnished & lived in, and i can't wait any longer. i wake up and want to just pack up the car and go. the city is getting cold. i'd rather enjoy the rain from a screened-in porch, peering out from inside a really, really big blanket. maybe we will even get to spend christmas there this year. i can't sit still with this looming... plus, now i'm starting to wonder if i should work on building a little treehouse...



camping at the lake couldn't have gone by quicker. we played endless amounts of board games & drank my favorite tea right now - rose petal & chamomile.
sadie, our new adopted dog, thoroughly enjoyed her first camping trip - we couldn't get her out of the lake.
(she may or may not have accidentally killed a frog by licking it too hard.) her & the 8 month old akita pup got in a few scraps, but overall, i think, were secret lovers.

looking forward to the farm at the end of this week.


margaret durow

i especially love the photograph of the fish; it reminds me of being thirteen, camping near a river in the fall. the salmon were swimming upstream to mate, and i was in the middle of the river, standing on a rock- my foot slipped into the water and frightened the salmon, and, what felt like hundreds of them, threw their giant, slimy bodies up and out of the water, flipping and flopping around me until i fell into the shallow river. i was sure i would be transported upstream along with them, or perhaps eaten, but to my surprise, i survived (LUCKY).

all images courtesy of margaret durow