a happy birthday to my dear mama, who, i know, always comes to see if i've updated this blog. thank you for being so amazing always, i'm glad that we are able to spend this day with you and the family. you're brilliant and a huge inspiration to me, love you tons.


adolf's house: sandra juto

i've been a reader/follower of sandra juto for some time (i can't even remember how long), always admiring her illustrations, photography, and yarn creations...
but this is by far a favorite of her work! titled "adolf's house", she documents the house of her great uncle adolf. you can view the whole series here, and read the background story here.
it took me SO long to choose which images to post here, every single one is so intriguing and textured, i'm obsessed. i can't even imagine how cool it must have been to explore this place...

all images courtesy of sandra juto


greatest friend

after spending a few weekends up north and watching greens change quickly to reds & oranges and the water turn ice cold, i can't help but feel fall in my bones. i can't seem to wear too many sweaters, and yes, i did buy a few scarves since last time i wrote here... i mostly love this season for the layers, and my very favorite shop, greatest friend, has the most beautiful things for fall... i had to share my favorite items, although my wallet & i aren't very close friends right now, so i can't have them. maybe you could buy them, and let me borrow them? k cool thanks.
in other news, i can now (legally) drive, but i hate driving in the city. i much prefer the dirt roads. it's been a long time coming, me getting a license, but i'm starting to feel that i will only use it to get to the cottage & the farm. city drivers are nasty.
also, i have three rolls of film from the mamiya to develop, and one roll of 35 that i shot of sadie at the cottage this weekend. i'll try to get around to scanning them soon... i'm so horribly lazy...


this is looking really good right about now...
i'm not sure that i'm ready for summer to leave us. i don't have enough scarves.

image is from selvedge.