this is limbo:

"all ye stumbling sleepwalkers, you were not misinformed. but in these tongue-tied times, this is for homeless hearts and anxious fingers."

know hope @ my love for you


i have made the decision that until the snow is no longer up to my knees, i am going to hibernate. the economy and certain other situations have more or less left me with infrequent hours at work, & with a bitter taste in my mouth!
what i'd really like is some sun but it doesn't look so promising right now. so, i've been spending a lot of time with my good friend, green t., reading//exploring some blogs that i've come across- recently, and long ago. some of these include


i have also been taking a life drawing class, did yoga for the first time (i ache, i ache), and have nothing much to say. except that i think you should look at these photographs.


this is from one of my first mornings in paris.
i miss it today especially... though i'm not sure why.

on wednesday night i saw the owle bird live at the tranzac.
i was so awestruck as they played, i really love their unique sound.
you can hear their songs here.


i miss warm weather. today is -20 celsius.
for now i will look forward to next summer
when we build a cottage on our new land.
(...and look at the lucky girls on chictopia enjoying the heat!)

images re/korasblog


i love this photo
it is taylor warren of new york models
(seen in jalouse, british vogue, nylon, & dkny among others)

i am sick & so is my little dog.
we are taking our vitamins
and hoping to feel better soon...


bon année!

it has been a quiet week. i have been writing a lot (one of my new years resolutions). i have not been on the internet much lately, as i am trying to find inspiration elsewhere. i have been planning a trip to europe (again), but this time i want to see & do much more. so far i have decided on the italian riviera to go hiking through the cinque terre, and the greek islands to visit my aunt's parents.

also, i am currently reading this book:

if you haven't heard of it, it is a set of 4 journals of mia kirshner's travels through ingushetia, burma, juarez, and malawi. she tells stories of individuals she meets along the way. i'm just finishing the first journal, ingushetia.
you can see more about the book here.

i have had a lot of time on my hands lately, so i planted a little "salsa" garden; cilantro, cayenne pepper, sweet pepper, and beefsteak tomatoes. they are sitting on my windowsill. it's nice to have something to take care of and look forward to every day while i am not working as much.

i put the leftover seeds in tiny buckets, and gave them to my parents.

i hope that your new year is off to a productive, creative, and happy start!

a 1950s christmas.

i spent some of the holidays in a small canadian town, madoc
with one of the biggest antiquers i've ever met!
ninety percent of her christmas ornaments are from the 1950s or earlier.

(more here)

among her various other collections,
she loves old photographs of people she has never met.
she told me she finds them mysterious, and collects them in an album.
(some even hang on her wall...)

i remember being terrified of the photographs on her walls when i was growing up; the eyes of each person seemed to watch me wherever i went. but after listening to her stories of how she found each photograph, and what each one meant to her, i realized how unique and fascinating her collection really is.