life slows down.
we sit on the new porch that your mother's boyfriend built over the weekend. it's only twelve degrees, but the humidity is in my eyes, in my throat, in my blood. often we can't speak, and the eerie quiet sort of fades, into the backdrop, into the alleyway behind us. take a breath of the wet fog through my fingertips, my elbows, my ears, my eyelids. aches, pains, squish into the chair. heavy sleeves, heavy arms...i forgot to laugh at something. you're talking, fervently, soberly, drunkenly, "all things aside".
you're talking, i'm dreaming. i'm watching your fingertips, your elbow, your ear, your eyelid. one eyelid. open close. you make this face when you're confused... i wait for it. i'm first person, third person, oblivious, floating, sleeping, and you're making me tea.
wake up! where are you?
i was dreaming that you were writing me a story...



the beginning of may

it feels like years ago sometimes. i went on a tiny vacation. you can try to see it and feel like i did, but most of it, just like being a little kid, fades into just a memory, a photograph of such a short second. i haven't yet decided if i like it that way, or if i would prefer just to jump back into the lens.


this is us


hong kong memory week photo #4

the best memory that comes with the smell of rice cooking in the kitchen, food cooking on the streets, the noise of 4:00 pm echoing up and through the open window...
my afternoon naps.


hong kong memory week photo #3
(i missed a few days due to a last minute escape to the woods)

this is the entrance to the church where timmy & ann got married. just outside hong kong, on top of a mountain. it was easier to breathe up there, and it had a great view of the city.