got out of the city on sunday to celebrate a birthday.
she is now eight months pregnant.
sometimes, baby kicks our hands if adam yells.
sometimes, a punch and drag. it's the coolest thing.
we gave her a pinata as a birthday gift.
baby's name right now is "bibimbap".
reminder to self to photograph her belly...



hello today.
[please take time to notice the AMAZING cupboard handles, made by tom!]
more of their amazing little cottage/summer home and judy's jewellery room here.


get in heer deer

i'm a total sucker for anything deer-related. i'll also be very willing to accept a pet deer from a willing deer mama. thanks in advance, dear.



i am so inspired by you, and the things you write! you're a little ghost that sometimes carries plastic boxes full of treasures, i see you do it, and sometimes i see your pictures. sometimes they are small and sometimes large. i think we look at ourselves in similar ways except that you are shy and i am loud. this is why i think we will be great friends.

i don't know where i found this photograph...