quick update...

for those who don't already know (because i haven't stopped talking about it)... on monday, sim and i are off on a plane (AF607105!...joking.) to romaaaa. so excited, can barely contain it, etc, etc.
after a few days in rome we're going to explore a bit more of italy, then cross the border to greece. i will post occasionally while i'm traveling, hopefully some stories of our adventures, people we meet, places we see.
so, if you're looking for me, you can find me here...

ps. if you want a postcard, send me your address, i
love sending mail (almost as much as i love recieving it!)...

love love, bisous.

photo re/georgio r.


i'm a little absent from this space lately... much of the little down time i have had is filled with sleep, the beach, planning the trip (less than 2 weeks!), or staring at images of simple things or moments that don't frustrate or complicate my mind. i came across bordon's photostream and found more or less exactly that... and love looking through his work.
back to planning now. working on hostels in the greek islands...can't wait for that escape from reality... even though it's just someone else's reality. funny.