1. i think self portraits are important.

2. experimenting with the notion of "self" is a funny/troubling/painful/enlightening experience

3. it is one that i am (as of late) trying to explore

4. this is maybe, possibly, most likely, the most funny/troubling/painful/enlightening experiment i have ever experienced or explored.

you should try it



the theme for our little book is nature/wood/stillness, so i've got lots of trees and snow stuck in my head tonight, and a soundtrack to match.

(music like this reminds me of being in the woods)

bon iver : the wolves (act I and II)
conor oberst : lenders in the temple
devendra banhart : carmensita
the owle bird : the last hurrah
isan : birds over barges


let's go

i have the winter blues!

the past little while
i've been browsing a lot of fashion photography & portraits.
right now i am loving her work, and this photograph.

i am also working with tim on a zine
that i will show you in a few days!




hello love.
i feel a little
like a change
so i'm going to write
on the right side of the page
for the time being
i hope you dont mind.

i had a great weekend
with three good friends
and a small (loud) dog
a ton of snow
a quiet lake
and a big fire.
(you can see photos here.)

i hope you had a nice weekend too.




feeling a little off lately.
maybe taking a little break
the internet
will do me good.
this weekend
i am going up north
and maybe that will help me


oh, yeah.

during a lengthy search for ideas for the cottage bathroom
i learned the following things about myself:
i hate the colour blue
i really like old things
i have a huge thing for trunks, suitcases, and all things that usually come with the smell of mold.
it's a coincidence, really.

oh and i also found this place.
i love the nostalgic imagery. what do you think?

(p.s. i did the unthinkable and painted my wall with chalkboard paint today. it may have been the worst idea i've had, but it also could
have been the best. we'll see, after the second coat.)