hong kong memory week photo #2
handmade broomsticks

i took this photo in one of the calmest places i could find in hong kong. it was a tiny parkette next to a small schoolfield, with a wooden bench where you could sit and look down over the road that passed underneath. we found this place early one morning when it was still relatively quiet in the streets. we ate our breakfast on the bench, or at least tim did... i spent most of the time here taking pictures of the brooms! i loved how each broom was unique, with different coloured string and bristles sticking out every which way.


hong kong memory week photo #1 :
mong kok alley

tim and i often took "secret passageways" to other streets.
they were my favorite part of exploring the city, because you see what everyone is trying to hide, or has left behind. it also allows for an escape from the masses of people, as if you have stepped into another (quieter) city for a minute.
even still, standing in these passages, you can hear the city humming around you.



i'm shaking in my boots from excitement to help my mom put together the bedrooms at the new cottage/house/cabin. i really can't shut up about it. i found these photographs at desire to inspire. i think my addiction to white rooms with minimal styling reflects a craving i keep having for more simplicity in my life. people keep telling me that i live in a dream world, and that i'm too much of an escapist, but i like it that way. i figure it's better to have hopes for something more, than to settle for what is.
hope you're having a good sunday.


yaaaay for the three potato four blog!

it's just so great.

click the pic...


i had a dream a few nights ago that won't leave. it extended into the day, like i never woke up. italy was just a small hill, that my mom and i were looking at from a car on a highway. i don't know what it means, but i don't feel like it's fading. i was also in a pond, swimming or fishing, with my uncle, there were boots, floating in the water...

anyway, i saw these lovely boys tonight. i've been a fan for about five years now so it was high time i saw them live. of course, brilliant. i couldn't believe the crowd! like ants, really... ants with cell phones lights, illuminating the air canada center.

tomorrow feels like it's going to be a big day. i've got a "gut feeling". have you ever had one, and it was so right on?


summer is almost here... plans are moving so quickly. greece and italy in june, possibly grooming school in july & august, the store throughout... all i'm hoping is that i can have lots of moments like this...

wait, i lied- i'm also hoping that i will meet a lot of people in the next few months. i had a sort of change of heart after starting the new job, and met a great girl who i instantly bonded with, along with a bunch of great dog owners/lovers! i used to be afraid to branch out and meet new people in fear that i would not be able to keep up with the changes that inevitably occur in a person's life after expanding their social circle... but suddenly i feel more open, less nervous, more trusting... wherever that gift came from, i'm thankful. i seem to meet great people when i'm more open-minded.
hope that everyone had a great weekend.

photo re/polanoid


shakes hands brings light burns out
figures bleed arms sag rival mouths
a brown pillow among white
just a bore.

photo re/fffound
quick word about a show i went to last sunday in toronto. a friend (AF) collaborated with his friend and put together a photography show with some stunning work. i bought this photograph (for those of you with little pocket cash, they were selling beautiful small prints for $5). you can see some of his work on his website here.


stick together

i've been a tour guide this weekend. my good friend from paris visited me in my snowy hometown. i took her to a few of my favorite spots, but the weather was unfavorable, to say the least. regardless, we had dinner at terroni, ate at kensington's in the market, explored some of the second hand shops, and went to my friend's photography show (all luckily preceding a nasty snowstorm on the day she left).
we also watched the most hilarious film, happy go lucky, which you
must watch (i've seen it twice and could easily watch it again and again).

while browsing today at work i found these collages that i can't stop looking at. i love the colours. i feel sluggish and lazy, but they kinda cheer me up.

photo re/ana laura perez


thanks to sim for showing me these!
andrew bird, by cameron wittig.


i had surgery today to remove some teeth. i am continuing to hibernate until my face is of a normal, acceptable size. hope you are well. bisous