this weekend and past week have been full of dogsitting, visitors, working, and reorganizing the apartment. so much work is still needed to be done, i think a trip to ikea is in order- the new catalog came and i spent an entire day with it. paperclips on the pages of things i want/need. organization is a must right now. can't let the pieces fall apart!...
slowly putting up pictures from the italy/greece trip in june & july. you can see some of them here. also, some more recent pictures from late july at the beach here.

p.s. if you are a fan of july stars, she's in the top 15 for the dazed RAW blog awards! vote for her if you love her as much as i do.


we said we would sleep in a quiet room, with the beams crossing above our tired faces. these things always change, these ways always change, and the beams fall. the room will always be beautiful even when we are ragged and wrinkled. our broken bones will pile under sand, under foundations and buildings, under ash and wildfires,
i'll watch tv without you
i'll wait in the park