tombées du camion

i had to share this because it was my favorite find of the day.

it's a store called tombées du camion in the montmartre area, very close to the montmartre cemetery.

it's so incredible, full of beautiful junk like doll heads and hands, old boxes from the 1920s, vintage postcards, strange metal pieces, and my favorite thing of all: typesetting letters!
the store is set up with everything in old wooden crates, and the smaller pieces (such as beads and old, small stickers) are laid out in wood boxes.

their outdoor display was so great, they had wooden wool spools from the 1940s (i think).
you can see that i am definitely enthralled in that pic!

it doesn't look like they have a website but you can read more about the store on marie claire here.

update: found their website! it was so obvious... ha!