today, tomorrow, yesterday

the days are mashing together this weekend, as i've been sleeping a lot (what else is new). the jet lag has caught me off guard, so my waking hours are 4am - 3pm. then i wake in the middle of the night to be hypnotized by french television and the sounds of the multiple parties littering rue de clichy...black ties, latin dance parties, karate parties (seriously)...

i spend a lot of time in bed looking at this (which i love).

on a FABULOUS note i found a health food store, naturalia in the 9th this morning.

everything wheat-free and gluten-free and heaven!!!!! i finally feel as though i will not starve to death surviving on single wrinkly vegetables and rice as has been the norm for the past few dinners.
but, not complaining at all- the french make a mean basmati rice!

something funny is that i have not seen the eiffel tower yet. oui, c'est vrai. i haven't been over that way. i'm sure i'll be around there in the next few days, but it really goes to show that this city is so much more than just a skinny metal tower. there are hidden gems even in the hooker district (par example, the boulangeries.... i gave in and had quiche. shut up. it was worth it.)

they have a really awesome newscast here, at around 6am, after the two straight hours of pink panther episodes, that shows europe as the entire world. pretty funny, but so well animated! it's like flying over each little country, it's become something i look forward to, after my second breakfast. i had three breakfasts today.

here are some photos from the walk this morning. this neighbourhood is hit and miss in terms of the classic parisian/french architecture, but for each miss there is a huge, redeeming HIT.

such as.

and then of course, the best gems of them all... the ridiculous debris!

(this bottle was in the doorway of a church)

(a couch in the middle of the road. the taxi driver waiting for it to be towed seemed pretty peeved.)

oui, c'est bon.