"Bright, Bright Day": Photographs and essay by Andrey Tarkovsky
White Space Gallery, London, 2007. 128 pp., 65 colour illustrations and 13 duotones.

"The written content of this book brings together reflections on photography by three generations of the Tarkovsky family: In the Introduction, the younger Andrey Tarkovsky comments on the photographs of his childhood that were taken by his father; a text by the latter considers the experience of going to his mother's house and looking at photos of his own childhood taken by family friend Lev Gornung; and a selection of Arseniy Tarkovsky's poems, including one about photography, punctuate the book. Accompanying these intimate reflections is an interview with leading Russian philosopher and cultural critic Boris Groys, Professor at the Center for Art and Media Technology Karlsruhe, by Nadim Samman and Anya Stonelake. Also included is a short essay by prominent photographer Stephen Gill.
Where does art end and life begin? As this book will make clear, for Andrey Tarkovsky there could be no division." (Photo Eye)

i need to see this in real life.