animal hybrids

this morning, my friend & coworker ashley alerted me to the HILARIOUS reality that it is (supposedly) possible to breed camel-llaama hybrids. i'm not sure if this is for real or just an internet scam as so many things are, but i've done some quick google-searches and turns out, this "cama" (camel-llaama) is seemingly real...(not to mention the other apparent animal hybrids: zorse, zonkey, zony... and, if you've ever seen napoleon dynamite, turns out the liger's been done!)
so, thanks to artificial insemination, we've got a fusion of two of my favorite animals of all!!!... i'm a bit freaked out. plus, he's got awful teeth. supposedly, he is the only cama in existence as of late.
and no, he does not have a hump (disappointing).

happy canadian thanksgiving!