summer is almost here... plans are moving so quickly. greece and italy in june, possibly grooming school in july & august, the store throughout... all i'm hoping is that i can have lots of moments like this...

wait, i lied- i'm also hoping that i will meet a lot of people in the next few months. i had a sort of change of heart after starting the new job, and met a great girl who i instantly bonded with, along with a bunch of great dog owners/lovers! i used to be afraid to branch out and meet new people in fear that i would not be able to keep up with the changes that inevitably occur in a person's life after expanding their social circle... but suddenly i feel more open, less nervous, more trusting... wherever that gift came from, i'm thankful. i seem to meet great people when i'm more open-minded.
hope that everyone had a great weekend.

photo re/polanoid