new colabblog: http://welikerooms.blogspot.com

h e l l o !

tim + i are working on a new blog, a long overdue space where we are dumping our image archives one by one, all of our favorite rooms, living spaces, studios, etc...
we've had these images piling up for a few years now and thought it was high time we posted them somewhere. we're trying to link as many as possible, but we definitely haven't been keeping track of the images over the years as we *drag-and-dropped*...so, you can help us out, if you'd like... just let us know where the images are from, if you know; it would help us out a great deal!
yeah, so, that's here.

what else is new? i'm taking a sewing class between hibernating + working with the dogs... on the hunt for a skirt pattern sans pleats, as it is my "big project".

since i've been gone for a while (hopping around both virtual & physical worlds), i thought i'd also share with you a few things i've found + like :

>i've added this guy & this girl as a contact on flickr. both photographers' work is mysterious + haunting; a few of them really remind me of david lynch films. i like looking through them because they make ME feel mysterious. ha!
>ashley goldberg is now doing portraits, and it seems like she's been mad busy pumping them out and they look great. which reminds me, i'm still in love with sleepy raindrop, and all the other porcelain work.
>i like yellow walls. i didn't know that until recently. yellow walls are great. you can see what i mean over at remodelista.

until next time,


photo re/ alison scarpulla