i am in a fantastic mood despite the overcast
appearance outside the window... because it is 10 lovely degrees celsius, and i'm rolling in it... really!

spring is coming, i can feel it, and i've never needed it more than right now. winter has me down (+out!)
if you are feeling the winter blues, i'm sure you understand...

the sudden change in weather that has brought out the season-pushers (luckily i'm not the type to run around in short shorts...at least, not anymore!) has got me thinking about my plans for the spring + summer,

like day trips to the island beach, road trip through the parts of canada i haven't seen yet (sadly includes every province except ontario and quebec. i'm a bad canadian), and building
the family cottage in the woods on the new plot of land.

just waiting for the sun to come out
(by the way...if you're looking for some photos of spring/summer,
polanoid has been feeding my need lately...)

happy friday.

photo re/me